Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates (it's about time)

Well, I was very embarrassed to see that I haven't updated since 2010. I did continue my landman career until Dec. 3, 2012. I worked in Oklahoma, Texas, and Illinois. It was interesting and financially rewarding but I was not here when Grandma Knackstedt died and ended up being fired because I wanted to come home. Duh!

So I am back at the Library--really bored out of my groud. I like the challenge of the landman work but now I need to be here so we can finish remodeling our home in order to sell it or rent it. Lar will be in San Antionio (maybe--fingers crossed). He's been told for many months that the store will be opening down there. We'll see.

I did go to Charleston, WV when little Chloe was born in September. That was a great time being with Kimball and Holly's darling family.

I have been able to spend some time with Kris and Emily's family and the kids are so darn cute and smart. They will be moving to Ft. Collins, CO in March so I will be very sad.

Bright spot is that Chanda and her kids are here. However, don't see them much. They are so busy with their animals and shows.

Grandma K died following a massive blood clot on the brain. She came through the surgery fine but just couldn't sustain. Lar and Kris were there when she died. She is buried in DFW National Cemetery. She and Ali the Dog were buried the same day. We had to put Ali to sleep because of her colon cancer which was really making her miserable. It was an awful day altogether. But Ali is comfortin Grandma. Grandpa is very lonely--they were married almost 71 years.

That's the major stuff-now hope that I can do better since I'm home.

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  1. I didn't make it into the blog but thats because I'm too good to mention.